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Textiles business ‘Little leaf’ is a family run company, and the owners are very environmentally aware – running a small holding and ‘green’ home alongside their organic cotton business.

Organic cotton is grown with consideration for both the environment and the people that grow and sew it, and it is a premium product – kind on skin and beautifully soft.


An organic cotton field

Lisa – owner of Little Leaf says “”When we started our business, we really wanted something we could be proud of and organic cotton definitely fitted the bill. Although ordinary non-organic cotton is commonly thought of as ‘natural’, and therefore ‘good’, the long list of pesticides and toxic chemicals that are used to make it (formaldehyde included) really mean it’s anything but!

I love the superb quality of organic cotton and its environmental and social benefits and know there are lots of other people out there who would love it too. Although it’s a gorgeous, premium product, we have tried to keep prices comparable to good quality non-organic cotton (and our prices are very reasonable when compared to our organic cotton competitors, especially the bedding).”


They are members of the Global Organic Textile Standard

I was recently fortunate enough to receive a fitted bedsheet and two pillowcases to try out and review, and these are my thoughts on them.


The linen came wrapped in tissue paper, tied with a green ribbon, and presented in a lovely gift box

The linen arrived at the door in a beautiful green gift box which gave the package a real sense of luxury. This is an optional extra if you are purchasing the sheets as a gift for someone for whom good sleep is a priority (like me!) And I was pleased to find out that they use 100% recycled paper packaging! Even without choosing the gift option, they would come in a lovely leaf design drawstring bag.

Lisa states, “We try to follow the ethical and environmental basis of our business through to all aspects of it, so take care to source 100% recycled packaging, stickers, tissue paper, flyers, etc.”

The fitted sheet and pillowcases I chose were a natural cotton colour and look perfect against my white and blonde wood bedroom scheme. However, they also offer crisp white linen which is a popular option.


The creamy natural cotton colour sits perfectly against my white duvet cover

When ordering, you are offered a choice of sateen or percale finish – sateen (as the name suggests) has a smoother texture, and percale has a crisper weave. I chose percale simply because I prefer the slightly less shiny look. You also have the option of choosing extra deep fitted sheets for mattresses thicker than 28cms, or a flat sheet for those who are pros at hospital corners!


The fitted sheets are extremely good quality

So how did I enjoy sleeping in them? Well, I spent the night in total bliss – the sheets were cool against my skin and totally breathable. The pillowcases were soft and comfortable. You can definitely feel the difference between these superb quality sheets and the regular non-organic cotton ones. And don’t even get me started on poly-cotton – a definite no no.


Crisp and cool, they are prefect for spring/summer

Prices range from £20 for a cot bed sheet, to £68 for a superking. Pillowcases are £12 each for regular or £14 for Oxford style.

Their range also includes children’s bedding, unisex babygros, blankets and muslins.


Lisa says “We decided to focus on bedding and babywear because we think it really matters what you put next to your skin – particularly your baby’s delicate new skin. After all, we spend a third of our lives in bed, so we should make sure we’re lying on good stuff!”

So go ahead – treat yourself and I’m sure you’ll experience one of the best nights sleep you’ve ever had, all whilst safe in the knowledge that you’re helping, just a little, to look after our world.

Visit the shop at and their Instagram page @my_littleleaf

(Written in conjunction with Little Leaf Organic, however all views are my own.)

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